Faolan Grady

This is a website dedicated to creativity and process. I explore what it means to create and how to best build skills and a mindset for that.

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  • Covid
    I presented with symptoms for covid on November 28. I didn’t think that I actually had it – I thought I had bronchitis. I didn’t have the classic symptoms – fever, loss of taste & smell, and other symptoms. I had a covid test on the afternoon of the 28th but didn’t get my results… Continue reading Covid
  • My hub
    I met Sean in the early 1970s. His dad played Drowning Bear in the outdoor drama, Unto These Hills, here in Cherokee. My cousin, Carol, and I were working at the Oconaluftee Indian Village which is right next door to the drama and we began spending our evenings at the play to have something to… Continue reading My hub
  • Plans and nerves
    Today was my last day at work for a couple of weeks Tomorrow starts my official vacation. I’ll be out of work until December 11 if everything goes okay. My hub and I will take tomorrow to get everything ready for a trip to California to visit family. I’m nervous of course, and am praying… Continue reading Plans and nerves