The Image

An image is the most important idea for those who want to maintain renown, fame. From the largest corporation attempting to seduce and coerce the masses with images of peace and amelioration to the nation-wide band that’s trying to keep find a new image for their fans to fall in love with.

So, what sort of image would you want if you were famous? Would it be one of trees and hamsters? Or would it be one of airplanes and the sun? Or would it be of shadows and the world’s underside?

Would you want the image of a man, smoking a pipe, wearing a cardigan, sitting next to a fireplace with a book of Tennyson’s poetry on his knee?

Would the eyes of a hoot owl, superimposed over black and grey tribal designs be more up your alley?

How about the silhouette of a dog jumping onto another with the caption “Love or Hate” pasted along the bottom?

Well, it seems that whatever people want, there isn’t a single thing they can do without cultivating an image. That image may be a “Rocker,” with spiked hair and leather jacket with jeans and boots. Or maybe it’s more like a “Hippie,” with a sun dress and blond hair flowing this way and that. Or an “Athlete,” with basketball shorts and Nike’s on.


2 thoughts on “The Image

  1. “So, what sort of image would you want if were you famous?”

    Not sure about becoming famous.

    If my story took off, I’m not sure I’d be too concerned about projecting a certain “image”. Rather I’d simply be me. . However, I’d like my private life to remain private. An ounce of mystery can go a long way in this life. Not even my other half knows who I am completely. Now the image I think that I project to others would be someone who is funny, but serious when I need to be. A lover and also a fighter of all things right. I’m one to take up for the underdogs in almost any given situation. Too trusting.. 🙂 The list goes on and on. How about you, Mr. Grady?


    1. Well, just being “you” is an image. In my post, though I am talking more about a logo, or actual image that would be used. Branding, if you will. And I meant in a professional context. There are tons of people out there who keep their private and professional lives completely separate.


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