My Journey pt. 1

I’m on a journey. This journey focuses mainly on how I feel from day to day. There are lots of equations that go into how one feels on a daily basis, with general lifestyle (sleep, die, exercise, etc.), that I contend with and try to understand. One of the trickiest things about how I’m going about it is that I’m going it alone, more or less. I don’t mean I lack support or resources, just that I don’t have a physician telling me to do this or that. I’m relying on my own research along with what I’ve learned from what physicians I have seen. This situation is mostly because I don’t give myself much downtime, even when not at work, I have various projects I work on.
With that said, as with any other case, here is a lot of experimentation on my part, attempts to find out what exactly makes me feel good and bad during the day (or night, since sleep has so much to do with daily life). This also has the added difficulty of living a modern lifestyle, with a full-time job and all kinds of gadgets and pretty much everything else you can think of that people enjoy living in America.

This lifestyle includes a lot of conveniences in the form of transportation information technology and nutrition. These conveniences come with their risks, short and long term. These risks are what I’m trying to wade through, to find a balance in my lifestyle so that I can feel “normal” or what I hope is normal. I doubt how I feel everyday is how I’m supposed to feel. Tired, trouble concentrating, trouble learning, depressive thoughts: I really hope I’m right in thinking that those are consequences of living a less than optimal lifestyle and not a permanent fixture of my physiology.

So, my intention is to document, whenever I can and whenever I actually remember the progression of my journey, whether good or bad or neither.

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