Creativity pt. 2

There’s something very important in the process of writing, let’s call it Creativity. Now, Creativity isn’t something that just happens. Either the person has either a natural aptitude for it, or he or she has had  substantial of practice with it. This thing has similar counterparts to other creative endeavors such as drawing or painting.
Creativity is manifested when an artist conceives of an idea and has an immediate sense of the piece as a whole. Whether it’s a painting or short story seems unimportant. What is important is the fact that the artist is able to have the right frame of mind to see the story for what it is, for its potential. If the artist isn’t in the right frame of mind, letting the piece speak for itself becomes more difficult. Writing a happy story is more difficult when the writer is especially angry or sad or stressed. But when the writer’s state of mind and the story’s intent match, then Creativity can take over, and at this point the artist becomes a vessel for the piece rather than the creator.
A theory exists that posits that ideas exist in a sort of metaphysical plane, so that, when an artist gets an idea, or is inspired, they’re not necessarily coming up with that thing completely on their own, but subconsciously picking from an idea tree, but in that picking and eating of this fruit, they add their own nutrients to it, their own experience and biases.
And that’s beautiful.
When those with little experience might be able to see a story, feel its movements and some of its details, but they won’t be able to fully realize it without the proper skill. For these people, who have the ability to see on a large scale, a piece of art, skil is really the only limiting factor. For those who know they want to tell a story, but have a hard time with what to tell or how to tell it, they need to work on their Creativity as a skill, which means doing studies, or copying things as practice, and then taking all the details from studying and putting them together into a new piece.
In my thinking, these processes are the same, it’s only a difference of access to details, to reference to draw on. It’s like everyone has a tupperware full of stuff, but their Creativity is or isn’t strong enough to pull the lid open.


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