What is really important?

So, an idea came to me that has been getting increasingly clear in light of so many issues that have been coming up in society. This idea has to do with concepts and how people communicate/ respond to these concepts. A distinction seems, to me, to be lacking in understanding what is really important in the moment of hearing for the first time and debating (or arguing for many) these concepts.

I recently saw an article about a man who brought a carpenter’s level onto a plane with the intention of proving that the earth is flat. This man, as well as the flat earth movement itself, has a lot of supporters who are very vocal on social media. I know some of who will share that article will share it with the intention of thinking of the man who brought the level on the plane as, “The idiot who brought a level onto a plane.”

This, on every side of every argument, is the standard human experience, the standard expectation. The issue comes when someone’s belief becomes more important than how they interact with the person next to them; or maybe it’s someone sitting in a chair, typing into their computer, on another continent. When beliefs, even facts, become paramount to existence instead of mindful and intentional living.

I titled this What is Really Important because, if you’re in a situation where your beliefs are called into question or someone says something profoundly “stupid”, take a step back and, instead of lashing out at the person, saying something like, “That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard,” maybe you should ask yourself, what’s really the most important thing in this moment so that as many people benefit from it as possible?

How can you best be helpful in any situation? If you don’t know, maybe ask someone.


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