We were asked to allow trick or treating at my work on Saturday since all of the community Halloween activities had been mostly scrapped because of covid-19. Each employee had been asked to bring a bag of candy to contribute to the “pile” for the day’s monsters and ghouls that were expected. I was surprised when the first visitors appeared not long after the Museum opened at 9A and they continued throughout the day until 4:30. At times the giftshop was teeming with children and adults dressed in celebration of the day and all were wearing masks – not just Halloween masks but masks to protect from covid. The babies were so cute! One of my co-workers whispered to me that one family had recently been quarantined for positives and it really took me aback – I literally stepped back from the visitors – my nature is to step forward and speak to people. Even though the virus is intimidating, I’ve kept up with work and other obligations and have maintained the usual precautions – wearing masks, social distancing and washing or sanitizing my hands often. We also sanitize the museum & giftshop regularly and clean the bathrooms and other public areas throughout the day. There really isn’t anything more than can be done other than “thoughts and prayers”. Halloween is typically a day for children and families to gather – October is a month for gatherings: the Cherokee Fair, autumn carnivals, school carnivals (including cake walks and little games for kids) and hayrides. This year we did our best to provide a small celebration for the community.


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