I wonder about things sometimes. There really isn’t anyone to ask especially since my wonderings are mostly ridiculous. For example, when I open my laptop there is a photo of a beautiful faraway place that I thoroughly enjoy seeing. Microsoft provides the location for most of the photos and sometimes there will be a link on the page that will take me directly to the website for the photo once I’ve logged in. There was an article in the Washington Post (https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2020/11/06/screensaver-locations-microsoft-apple/) about the photos that was intriguing. I think that you’ll get answers to most questions just by Googling the question. Sometimes though, I think Google misunderstands the question based on the response it gives.

I wonder about “Chaka Khan” – it’s a person and a song and for whatever reason, people use the words “chaka khan” in other songs or conversation. Makes no sense to me.

Evidently I have too much time on my hands as I come up with the craziest things to wonder (or worry) about although these stray thoughts often occur while I’m driving. Perhaps my mind has to continually have something to resolve all the time so it brings up weirdo wonderings.

Anyway, back to the Microsoft start-up photos. One question that I have as I gaze at the photos of beautiful places on earth is: how could cruel, unpleasant, evil and angry people come from such beautiful, bucolic, mesmerizing, astonishing and perfect settings as these? I mean, if you walked out of your house and beheld these spectacular scenes, how could you do anything other than love, respect, uplift and enjoy everything and everyone around you? Not only do you have the beautiful locations but you also have amazing animals: elephants, rhinoceroses, alligators, muskrats, penguins, puffins, giraffs, donkeys (especially donkeys), dachshunds, schnauzers, Big Steves (other assorted dogs), praying mantis, wolf spiders, kitty cats (all makes & models), and the list goes on… Of course, we all have the option of loving each other and all things in the world or choosing to ignore beauty and concentrate on destruction. The older I become, the more I like to focus on the former rather than the latter. Love is too important.


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