It’s my first time “blogging” and I appreciate my son, Faolan, for allowing me to post on his page. I wanted to share that I just started back in CrossFit here in Swain County, North Carolina after an eight-month lapse partly because of the covid quartantine and partly from being lazy. I have been working at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian since late May and am on my feet 8 to 9 hours a day but rarely do I get my heartrate above 50. I try to walk a few times a week (while listening to Jack Reacher stories on Audible), but I don’t walk fast enough to give my heart a workout. Plus, I’ve been living on sourdough bread (I’ve been working on perfecting my skills) and oreo cookies. On Tuesday, my first workout at CrossFit2232, I did okay – it was benchpresses, bent-over rows, and other strength exercises. Today, however, it was 40-30-20-10 with a 200 meter run between each set of dumbbell clean/jerks, double-unders (single for me), sit-ups (leg lifts for me). I tried doing a toe-to-bar instead of sit-ups but my oreo diet reared its ugly head. I also tried regular sit-ups but my doc said they really aren’t that good for women my age. I was very happy to have a demanding workout that resulted in a 160 heart rate! At my age I’ve got to keep the ticker ticking and I really want to make sure that I can continue to hike and enjoy the outdoors – its the best part of living in the Smoky Mountains!


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