In Search of Halloween

My hub & I have been searching for the perfect Halloween movie for the last few days. It’s definitely been hit or miss. We tried to get interested in “It Waits” but it turned out to be a movie about the female lead and not a good monster flick. Then we decided to go for Vivarium – it was decidedly creepy and disturbing so much so that I dreamed about dismembered mannequins in body bags – not my idea of sound sleeping. Then this evening we watched “Wer” – its set in France and features a werewolf creature – effective and a decent monster movie. We gave it a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. Afterwards we started watching trailers – some of the trailers are scary as poops and enough not to see the actual movie. Actually the newspapers today were pretty scary as well. I really want to see “The Dead Don’t Die” with Adam Driver – it looks like fun – lots of zombies and dry humor. It didn’t do well at the boxoffice and its rating on IMDB isn’t great, but it has Bill Murray and Danny Glover as well as Steve Buscemi so it can’t be all bad. Sean just added a movie titled “Feral” to our Hulu watch list. Wish us luck on that one. Oh, geez, “The House that Jack Built” is on Hulu – note to self: do not ever watch this movie.


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