Joe the Schnazuer

Today was spent taking care of our sweet doggie, Joe. He has been suffering with skin issues all summer. We took him to the vet last month and got steroids and antibiotics for him with instructions to give him a weekly bath. A month later, his skin condition has worsened considerably and I didn’t realize how much until this morning’s spa visit. His groomer, Cindy, gave him extra special treatment and shaved him close to the skin. Afterward, the extent of the skin problem was a shock! The vet is on the way from the groomer so I took him straight there and dropped him off. It turns out that Joe has an ear infection, plus a yeast infection on his skin and eye infections. He came home with lots of meds and some new shampoo. I had been cooking his food for the past 10 days or so to see if that would help with the skin problems. The doc said he might have developed allergies that we can test for later.

After taking care of little puppy, I got my hair cut and then walked the trail with my sister, Gator. It was a very pleasant walk. We met up with a couple of people that we go to church with – it was so lovely to see them and to have a visit with them. It’s been a long time. They shared that they will be grandparents in May and they brought us up to date on other family doings. There were lots of other people on the trail with their dogs. Gator brought her dog, Jack, and she let him jump in the river for a brief swim. He is a sweet dog.

Sean put a huge pork shoulder roast in the oven to slow cook. I mashed some potatoes and put a banana nut bread in the oven. The roast is super rich so I can’t have too much. We have looked at a few potential Halloween movies to watch and started with It Waits (2005). Our recommendation is to avoid It Waits at all costs – the cliches are endless and the story focuses not on the interesting monster but the beautiful young woman with the amazing hair that automatically grooms itself throughout the the action-filled movie. We finally couldn’t take it anymore and now we’re trying Vivarium with Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots. An intriguing sci-fi movie. I’ll let you know later how it is. Hoping for the best.

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