Shopping Excursion

I wanted to take a quick Tuesday morning trip to Asheville with my hub to get needed supplies but found out that he had agreed to work today because his employer is short-handed. I still wanted to go to Asheville so I can have the next two days sort of free so I asked my brother, Tony, to go with. When I asked, he went quiet for a beat and then said, “I believe I’ll just go along with you.” He was all excited when I picked him up and said immediately, “We should talk about nothing but the good times that are coming – the holidays and good things that will happen.” I thought that was a great idea considering the weird climate across the US and around the world right now. We got lunch before shopping at a Mexican restaurant in West Asheville – so good! Tony had his usual bean & cheese burrito while I went for the beef chimichanga with lots of their lovely green chili sauce. While I shopped, Tony took his time and browsed the electronics section – he was most impressed with an 8 foot television screen. I think he was wondering if it would fit in his little house. On our way home, he wanted to stop at an “art store” and buy a piece of artwork for his house so we stopped in Maggie Valley and Tony selected a beautiful oil painting of a log cabin on the side of a hill in the Smokies. It was done in blues, purples, pinks and yellows. Tony is becoming quite the art connoisseur. He said, “I think that if you want to feel good, you should be able to get things for your house that are nice and that will make you feel good.” Thought for the day.


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