Monday: A bright new day

Today is Monday and is my “Friday”. I work Friday thru Monday at the Museum and have Tuesday thru Thursday off. It’s a good schedule although carrying 1,500 pounds of books up stairs isn’t usually a part of the deal. I was totally exhausted yesterday, a little better today but still wiped out. The thing is that my day started out in an amazing, wonderful & magical way. As I drove down the hill past my brother, Tony’s house, there is a section of road that is just hill on both sides. This morning when I got to that spot, I saw movement on the hill to the left and I thought it would be wild turkeys – there are lots of turkeys living nearby. Instead of turkeys tho, it was four white-tailed deer. I have never seen that many deer together so close to my house – I was awed and delighted! The sound of my car startled them and they began to bound up the hill to get away from me – deer in flight are so graceful…beautiful and elegant. A lovely way to start the week.


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