Sunday happenings

Today was a rough day at work for me – I was so tired from yesterday. My co-worker TJ and I moved boxes of books from the back storage to upstairs storage. The boxes each weighed between 40 & 50 pounds each and I carried around 35 boxes upstairs and stack them on storage shelves. It was rough – I got about 10,000 steps and my workout for the weekend. Today was the aftermath of the workout – I wasn’t so much sore as I was just bone-weary. I opened the Museum and got the team set for the day and then I operated on rote. My sweet hub heated our delish beef stew and baked biscuits for lunch. Now its evening and we’re watching the final episodes of True Detective. Tomorrow should be an easier day – I’ll be fully rested The good thing is that we cleared quite a few shelves downstairs for storage for those inventory items that we need more often. I love organizing – it’s totally satisfying.


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