It has definitely been a wild ride this past week with the election and its aftermath. Its partly depressing, partly exhilarating and all around wacky. My hub & I considered moving if the election resulted in a continuation of the mess we’ve had for the last four years. Considering a move is fun in theory – you get to look at potential locations, research cost of living, housing, food, jobs and travel costs to visit family in the states. When I think of the actual logistics of it, I get so tired just thinking about it. I have tons of questions that include the actual move, but also things like: would we sell the house and land? Will we be able to drive to the new location? Will we be able to get insurance? Would we try to move the furniture? What about our dogs? The list goes on and on. I also suppose that the question “are we too old to consider it?” is at the top of the list.

I wonder about the state of the world – the people that I see every day at work and in the news. People can be so ugly to one another; disrespectful and cruel. I always look for happy people – people that are content in their own skin. Sometimes, I’m rewarded in meeting lots of cool, happy folks who are enjoying their visit. Over the last few months, I’ve been incredibly disrespected and I wonder if the younger generations aren’t being taught manners and common decency. I guess not. Its deeply, deeply disturbing. Its as though people are feeding on their anger – growing it, enjoying it and practicing it on their fellows. I’d like it better if they grew joy and practiced that on their fellows. In the absence of that, I search for movies that are lighthearted with happy people. Also, I like action movies where the good guy kills all the bad guys, and we are always looking for the ultimate scary movie – ghosts and the like – and of course they always freak me out. Currently we’re watching a movie titled “What We Did on Our Holiday” with Billy Connolly, David Tennant and Rosamond Pike. Its set in Scotland and is a sweet movie even though the mom & dad are getting divorced and the grampa is dying of cancer. So poignant.


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